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Renault Type EU

Switchcars (2016)
Club Car DS?
Toyota Land Cruiser

LEGO City Undercover (2013)
Toyota FJ Cruiser
Lexus LF-A

Full Auto 2: Battlelines (PSP) (2007)
Looks WAY more like Lexus LF-A Concept
Hyundai Porter

DT Carnage (2008)
Suzuki Carry or Daihatsu Hijet
Made for Game Kart

ModNation Racers (2010)
Box'ter? Should be a Porsche Boxster then :p
Zenvo ST1

Sleeping Dogs (2012)
Fisker Sunset or Maserati GranTurismo
Mazda 5

Automation - The Car Company Tycoon Game (2015)
I'd say Mazda 5 or Toyota Sienna
Trabant 601

Garry's Mod (2006)
Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution

Gran Turismo 6 (2013)
Don't forget Daihatsu Naked. I found it very funny :lol:

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2016-04-09 08:15:58
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI

Street Legal Racing: Redline (2003)
No Evolution VII as part of the model name

Driveclub (2014)
I'd say Ford 5000
Chevrolet C-10

Racing Race (2016)
Burn Rubber wrote
It's literaly just Chevrolet with somemissing letters.



So creative. :/

And the developer even left the Tata badge on this page :lol:

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2016-04-05 05:00:20
Lotus Elan

Driver (1999)
I dunno, but i'm also thinking Porsche 914/6 on this page
Pontiac LeMans

Payback 2: The Battle Sandbox (2013)
Razor440 now said that this is obviously 1972 Pontiac LeMans
And yes, should be listed as sedan
Buick Regal

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (2004)
1989 Plymouth Gran Fury?

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Midnight Club: Street Racing (2000)
For me, this DEFINITELY looks like 2000 Honda City
Motobécane 88

Happy Wheels (2010)
Honda Super Cub?
Made for Game Convertible

Scribblenauts (2009)
Seems like a TT Roadster-ish to me
Made for Game Truck

Baby Jo in: (1991)
Dodge Power Wagon
AMC Javelin

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)
Rockstar's another mistake
Lexus GS

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)
TheHeartbreakKid15 wrote
Made by Emperor

But the badge says EMPORER. Could be Rockstar's mistake
Toyota Alphard

Carmageddon: Reincarnation (2015)
Maybe Toyota Alphard GS?
Crown Firecoach

Grand Theft Auto (1997)
Mazda 787B

Automation - The Car Company Tycoon Game (2015)
Mazda 787B?
Ferrari 458 Spider

Thumb Drift (2016)
Yup, a Purrari
And yes, Ferrari sent Deadmau5 a cease and desist tho...
Volkswagen Sedan

Thumb Drift (2016)
Dodge D-100

Slipstream (2015)
No, this is Dodge D-100
Toyota Cressida

Slipstream (2015)
Could be Mitsubishi Galant (similar case in GTA IV, but the taillights are upside-downed):
Chevrolet Cavalier

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)
BTW, i'm also thinking about 1991-1996 Honda Prelude
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 (2015)
The only non-licensed Mercedes-Benz in the game
Porsche 911 Turbo

City Racing 3D (2012)
Automotive Gaming wrote
GT2 Clubsport what? This is a Turbo
Made for Game Coupe

OutDrive (2016)
Definitely Saleen S7
Hino Dutro

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (2012)
Mitsubishi Fuso Canter?
Made for Game Pick-up

Parking Dash (2008)
My first thought was Porsche Carrera GT
Lotus Esprit

Stuntman (2002)
I was thinking about Venturi 400 GT or Cizeta V16T
Mazda 3

Traffic Rider (2015)
Also, class is Off-road / SUV

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Traffic Rider (2015)

Motor World: Car Factory (2015)

South Park: The Stick of Truth (2014)
Hakari wrote
Looks like Hino but dunno about the model.

Maybe Hino Dutro?
Lincoln Town Car Stretched Limousine

The Crew (2014)
Philandra from Watch Dogs
Made for Game Hatchback

Dr. Driving (2013)
Looks more like Great Wall Peri than Fiat, but the door and rear don't match
Nissan Murano

Tom Clancy's The Division (2016)
EminemRUS wrote
Rebla from GTA 4

Made for Game Sedan

Dr. Driving (2013)
Maybe Audi A8?
Ford Econoline

Payback 2: The Battle Sandbox (2013)
Wrong rear picture. Rear picture is actually RC Truck
Lincoln LS

UnWheel (2006)
POS :lol:
Nissan Skyline

Battlefield: Hardline (2015)
Ford F-150

MTV Pimp My Ride (2006)
Dodge Dakota?
Bricklin SV-1

Top Speed (2015)
I think 1987 Subaru Alcyone is the closest one
Toyota Matrix

Shadow Complex (2009)
For me it looks like an Aston Martin Lagonda (except the door and taillights)

EDIT: Shit, after 3 and a half years long, i just noticed a typo, expect, not except + converted from link i posted to pic & resized

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Ford Crown Victoria

Criminal Minds (2012)
Victora? Who edited this? :lol:
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