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Infiniti Project Black S

CSR Racing 2 (2016)
pongmai510 wrote
Excuse me What this car is Red color?

Yes, captain obvious

QQ飞车 (2017)
pongmai510 wrote
Not even close + TOO MODERN

Maybe Adrigaaas90 can help identifying any bikes in this game(?)
Ford Transit

The Slater (2018)
2006+ Ford Transit
Cadillac DeVille Stretched Limousine

The Slater (2018)
DTS Stretched Limousine

The Slater (2018)
If this is M4, then the chassis must be F82, but if this is just 4, then the chassis must be F32
Audi A7 Sportback

The Slater (2018)
A5 Sportback?
Mitsubishi Xpander

Bolshie Gonki (2012)
RushCars24 wrote
Uh, the Suzuki Ertiga is fully developed in India during the first generation, you've might talking about the second generation Ertiga, that's the real Indonesian-developed Ertiga.

At least, i thought ALL gens of the Ertiga are developed in both Indonesia and India from the first time
RushCars24 wrote
Also, I don't think the class of this is a SUV, this car is classified as a MPV, or what the Indonesians called this type of segment, Low MPV (LMPV).

Ah, yes... the car made me think it looks like an SUV, didn't see it on Wikipedia though, but after seeing on that, i got it wrong, it's actually an MPV :lol:
Ford Focus

City Racing (2008)
victorvance wrote
The car is named "Clio NSX" and then it is a Ford Focus? They could also have named it "Corsa GTO".

Razor440 wrote
Dear god.

Clio NSX? Seriously?


What's next, the LeCar Cedric?

Renz203 wrote

What's that? Is that a mixture of Renault 5 and Nissan Cedric?

Well, it's been several years the page hadn't been updated before, and the other ingame names what they had expected are the mixtures of model names, but they are not the same, just the ingame name type, now we got the next name here :lol:
Cosmo R200: Mixture of Eunos Cosmo and Ford Focus FR200/Ford RS200
Accord Z8: Mixture of Honda Accord and BMW Z8
Alpha GRX8: Mixture of Alpha from GTA: SA (and no, it can't be from V as it was 5 years AFTER this)/Toyota Alphard/Alfa-Romeo and Mazda RX-8 with a 'G' (as they acronymized the word 'Great' as 'GR8', that's why it's named as GRX8 after that)
Galant S500: Mixture of Mitsubishi Galant and Mercedes-Benz S500
Mitsubishi Xpander

Bolshie Gonki (2012)
Agreed on Rush, Indonesia origin, same case with Suzuki Ertiga, Daihatsu Gran Max, and Toyota Kijang (Tamaraw or Innova in any other countries), they are only sold in Indonesia
Also heck, i accidentally forgot to change the class to Off-road/SUV! :o
Chevrolet Corvette

City Racing (2008)
rozanoff wrote
Chevrolet Corvette C4

With an ugly mix of Nissan 240SX
Jeep Grand Cherokee

City Racing (2008)
Bruisemobile wrote
I see more of a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

+1 and WJ chassis
Also, i thought it was a Mahindra XUV500 at first, but heck, that car was released in 3 years after the game, and the C-pillar makes less similarity to it
Chevrolet Camaro

Driver (1999)
Can @Rinspeed take a look at michelemassa and give him a ban? It's been a long while i'm being sick of him profoundly spamming any wrong identifications and even editing it constantly WITHOUT ANY FACT-CHECKING!
Ford Focus

Toddler Simulator (2018)
Something like Ford, i'd say a Focus or Fiesta sedan
Renault 4 Fourgonnette

Driv3r (2004)
RushCars24 wrote
Would be better if we listed this as the Renault 4 Fourgonette instead? Because this van is actually available two variants, F4 and F6. I don't know if this is either the F4 or F6 model.

+1 :beer:
You're right, i recently saw the Renault 4 page and some of them are listed as Fourgonette, so that's better to list it as Fourgonette
Renault 4 Fourgonnette

Driv3r (2004)
TheGreaser wrote

-1, and admins, refuse this edit.

...and yet the edit was accepted
Dacia Logan

Euro Truck Simulator 2 (2012)
RushCars24 wrote
Funnily enough, according to the game files, this car is named "Galon". :lol:

Air galon berapa liter, mas? Wkwkwkwk [:rofl]
Okay, seriously, this triggered to get me into that most laughable ingame file name in Indonesia :whistle:

-- Last edit:
2020-01-28 12:13:33
Made for Game SUV

Planet Zoo (2019)
Jeep Wrangler?
Also, can you please remember the class? This is an SUV/Off-road car

-- Last edit:
2020-01-26 15:59:57
Ford LTD-S

Driver (1999)
michelemassa wrote
1975 Ford Granada

Cadillac Seville

Driver (1999)
michelemassa wrote
1976 Cadillac Seville an DPL AND D76 Version

Chevrolet Camaro

Driver (1999)
michelemassa wrote
1973 Pontiac TRANS-AM

Pontiac Catalina

Driv3r (2004)
michelemassa wrote
PonTiAc TeMpESt

michelemassa wrote
1962 PlymOuTh SaVOy

just stop
Ford Torino

Driver (1999)
michelemassa wrote
Ford LTD?

michelemassa wrote
Chrysler LeBaron

Honda Jazz

DreadOut 2 (2020)
Seriously, why my comment was removed?
I said here again, i agree with RushCars24, it can't be any Fit because the game was made by Indonesian developers, and the Jazz is usually sold in Asian, even though i never/rarely saw any Fit in my country, so the Jazz is indeed an exact math
Renault Alliance

9MM (2011)
Reminds me of a Sentinel from any old GTA games (no, NOT the HD universe one, IV and the sequel don't count), but converted into coupé
Chevrolet Silverado

Idle Racing Tycoon (2020)
Chevrolet Silverado
Shelby GT500

Idle Racing Tycoon (2020)
I'm sorry, but this is not a 1965 GT350 just because of the livery, please take a look at these models
Not to mention the how to obtain it field says 'Video Unlocked car', Engrish at its finest :lol:

Dumb Ways to Punch Trump (2016)
konkordski wrote


xxxtentacion disapproved
Made for Game Convertible

Dumb Ways to Punch Trump (2016)
Master Yoda: Camaro, it is!
Dodge Challenger

Dumb Ways to Punch Trump (2016)
Too boxy to be a modern Challenger, i'd say a 1970 one or a Plymouth
Made for Game Convertible

QQ飞车 (2017)
TheGreaser wrote
It's not. MFG.

Guess who tried to identify this? Chesty or Pongmai?

Dumb Ways to Punch Trump (2016)
Ew, what's this? A game which was made by toxic dev? [:puke]
Volkswagen Golf

Transport Fever 2 (2019)
Mk1 seems to be missing

Driver (1999)
michelemassa wrote
1974 Ford LTD Country Squire
1976 AMC Pacer
1976 Mercury Monarch

Edited 3 Cars by michelemassa

Refused all of them by admins
RushCars24 wrote


RisaDriftR wrote


TheGreaser wrote
Maybe we should just ban him....

huatuanhai wrote

yeah we should ban him he so annoying and delete those comment from michelemassa

@TheGreaser @huatuanhai That's what we said here, but the admins aren't responsible for the ban, what a huge shame...

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2020-01-15 01:38:36
Ford P100

Farming Simulator 19 (2018)
Quote Renault 12 pick up


Really? The Hilux is an exact match, stop editing constantly FFS

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2020-01-15 01:21:36
Tesla Model 3

Beach Buggy Racing 2 (2018)
The whole identification says it's a sedan, origin is USA, and as the ingame name is real name, surname is NOT NEEDED. If you're confused about the class or origin, i suggest you to go to manufacturer name here)&model=(insert model name here) (copy from 'www' to '&model=' or to 'here)') or check the 'Makes' page

-- Last edit:
2020-01-12 10:11:01
Made for Game Sedan

The Sims 4 (2014)
Patrick5202 wrote
I think it's a Chevrolet Impala from 2000

Uh... i heavily doubt it's that car, looks nothing like that, and why did you constantly edit it without fact-checking? Your edit will be rejected for that
Nissan President

Shenmue (1999)
Grille makes me think of a GTA: SA car 'Greenwood' and got me thought it's a Chrysler Fifth Ave
Casalini Ydea

Top Gear: Dare Devil (2000)
FrankyFourFingers wrote
It isn't a Ligier Ambra.

It's a Casalini Ydea. Everything matches from the front bumper to the rear.

9 years and almost 6 months and finally this car is named! :D :lol:
Made for Game Coupe (2013)
BeamyFiny wrote
The normal version is 80% an Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo (the 2012 concept) and the electric version is a Tesla Roadster (2020) (kind of)

Can't be a 2020 Tesla, this car has been released in 2015
Jaguar XE

Batman: Arkham Knight (2015)
This is actually a 2015 Jaguar XE
Ford Cortina

The Beatles: Rock Band (2009)
fordcortina83 wrote
i have got an idea what this is hope its accepted

but it's not
Autopia Mark VII

Disney Infinity (2013)
holden nut wrote
It's a Chevrolet Corvette C3.

No, it's not, it just has Corvette body, hence
Yugo Skala

Spintires (2014)
If any admins edited it, then i accept the apologize
BUT if any trolls edited it, then someone must be suspected for no fact-checking
Ford F-100

Great Race - Route 66 (2018)
Gosh, that surname..... gives me cancer [:puke]

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2020-01-02 18:05:21
Ford Mustang Boss 302

Great Race - Route 66 (2018)
Surname? And Mk1 is missing too
Studebaker Commander

Great Race - Route 66 (2018)
Stodebaker Commander. Just changed from 'u' to 'o'. One of the most creative surname.....

NOT [:puke]

-- Last edit:
2020-01-06 02:49:07
Auburn Speedster

Great Race - Route 66 (2018)
Auburn Speedster
Yugo Skala

Spintires (2014)
Zastava, since the game is Russian/set on it
Also, which idiot edited this, but not even edited the class and neither added any country origin?

-- Last edit:
2020-01-02 10:37:41

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (2010)
Happy New Year, all! :D
GM LeSabre

Cars (2006)
TheGreaser wrote


Victor_2003 wrote
MaDe fOR gAMe, BEcAuSe dOn'T lOokS a GM LeSaBRe.

-2 (1 for constantly wrong guess and 1 for grammatical mistake), and again...
GamerFIB7590 wrote

op is trying to sound like kojimoto
gj [:kiki]
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