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Dodge Caravan

Dead Island 2 (2023)
Looks like the TV show "Malcolm in the Middle" took a turn for the worst.

Jokes aside, this is definitely a Dodge Caravan
Good find, Plasticbodypanels. :D
Winnebago Chieftain

Saints Row (2022)
Something wants me to say 1982-1987 Fleetwood Pace Arrow just by looking at the front end
Saturn SL

TRAIL OUT (2022)
1st Gen Saturn SL1 Sedan
Plymouth Road Runner

Saints Row (2022)
carcrasher88 wrote
This isn't the Compton, this is actually a new model called the Dreadnought.

According to the customization trailer, this is the Base model look, it can be modified to resemble a 1965 Ford Galaxie 500.

Here's some screens i took from the customization trailer.

Saints Row (2022)
carcrasher88 wrote

Twenty-three and a half minutes of info on what appears to be some SERIOUSLY in-depth customization, more than any game in the series to date, both with vehicle customization and character customization.

Plenty of looks at some of the cars, many that aren't on here yet.

I've ID'd a vehicle from the Customization trailer, mind if i add that vehicle?

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Chevrolet Caprice

Lethal Enforcers (1992)
Sixth generation (1980-1985) Chevrolet Impala
Hands down

Buried (2024)
Looks promising so far, i wish you the best of luck with this game.
Few questions:
1st question: What's the plot of Buried gonna be like?
2nd question: What game engine are you using to make the game?
3rd Question: Is the Dodge Dynasty the Only cars in-game Or do you plan more in the future?
and finally a tip: State's name is actually spelled "Minnesota"

Besides all that, great stuff so far. Can't wait to see this released.