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Shakedown Rally (2023)
shotgunner20 wrote
1954 yugo

how tf this is 1954, back then they didn't look boxy economy in the 50s
Cadillac Series 62

Chevy Chase (1991)
1950s GM car
Chevrolet Bel Air

Chevy Chase (1991)
another bel air
Chevrolet Bel Air

Chevy Chase (1991)
1957 Chevrolet Bel Air
Suzuki Swift Super 1600

Rush Rally 3 (2019)
Kiss Swift, shouldn't be 18+
Lancia 037 Stradale

Burnout Dominator (2007)
1968-1970 Aston Martin DBS Vantage

Burnout Dominator (2007)
Ryan2t4 wrote
Don't Forget DLC Tracks:
Red Gate (Moscow) and Carnival Point (Rio)

I've added the DLC tracks (Red Gate & carnival point), check them out in that page
Dodge Charger

Need for Speed: Undercover (PSP) (2008)
Isn't supposed to be 2006 model?
Mercedes-Benz CLS

Asphalt: Urban GT 2 (2005)
Victor_2003 wrote

The CLS came out years before in 2004, not in 2007.

The rear looked like from 2006-2019
TVR Sagaris

Asphalt: Urban GT 2 (2005)
It reminds me of the sumo power GTR (R35) GT1
Bell 206 JetRanger

Asphalt: Urban GT 2 (2005)
The most annoying thing on the sky

Burnout Dominator (2007)
Victor_2003 wrote

I through all Burnout games was from Criterion.

Criterion in 2007 was focusing on paradise, so EA UK developed that game.

Gran Turismo (2009)
Fun fact: The narrator in the US-version of this game happpens to be Jay Leno
Pagani Zonda F

Need for Speed: Nitro-X (2010)
That looks like Zonda R
Lamborghini Gallardo

Need for Speed: Nitro (DS) (2009)
This is the 1st Gallardo facelift from 2003-2007 they updated the facelift in 2008 with LP

Automation - The Car Company Tycoon Game (2015)
Porsche 914/6?
Jurisch Motoplan

Honkai: Star Rail (2023)
Cursed Porsche 356
Toyota Supra

Need for Speed: Shift (2009)
It's not enough to get to 1000hp Supra!!!

Highway Getaway: Police Chase (2017)
burnoutgt24 wrote
Ridge Racer 7 cover art?

They obviously took from RR7
Seat León

Need for Speed: Shift (2009)
Very underrated car from Spain
Shelby Mustang

Need for Speed: Shift (2009)
I think V6 doesn't seem to be fitting for a high-performance(ish) Mustang.

Corvette (GBA) (2003)
Chevy C-10/S-10

Corvette (GBA) (2003)
Lincoln Continental

Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit (1998)
Chevrolet Monte Carlo NASCAR?

Corvette (GBA) (2003)
Chevy Caprice
Dodge Charger

GT Racing: Motor Academy (2010)
This can be played in version 1.4.3 of GTR 1

GT Racing: Motor Academy (2010)
Tove wrote
WOW quite a roster and amount of cars for an mobile game. Alone for that is quite impressive.

It's not that enormous as RR3 car roster but they reuse the same car interiors and the driver animation is lazy, like the KTM X-Bow where the gearstick is located right there and the driver shifts to the floor, so unrealistic.

Shift 2: Unleashed (2011)
Riviera aka Monte Carlo is in Monaco, not in the US

Polda 6 (2014)
I don't see the DB7, I just see the beetle mk2

Granny Smith (2012)
Read this carefully

Granny Smith has more unplayable cars which I have detected them and it was made for Android and iOS

Does not Commute (2015)
1971 Meyers Manx

GT Racing: Motor Academy (2010)
Prices revealed for iOS Version for some cars

Chevrolet Camaro SS

GT Racing: Motor Academy (2010)
Victor_2003 wrote

The DLCs for Android doesn't is boring or crap.

Oh... I get it
Dodge Challenger

NHRA Championship Drag Racing: Speed For All (2022)
Chevrolet Camaro mk5

Colin McRae: DiRT 2 (2009)
DiRT 2 was developed by different developers, for the PSP and Wii, it was by Sumo Digital, and DS is Firebrand although those low-powered consoles tend to have the same gameplay mechanics and same tracks.

They were different than the HD versions, so why can't they make the low-powered DiRT 2 to their web?

Cars: The Video Game (2006)
Rainbow Studios - GCN, PC, PS2, OG Xbox, Xbox 360

Incinerator Interactive - Wii

Locomotive Games - PSP

Helixe - DS, GBA

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Porsche Cayman

Need for Speed: Shift (2009)
Volkswagen Routan

The Crew (2014)
Based off from a Dodge Grand Caravan/Chrysler Grand Voyager
Nissan 350Z

Asphalt 4: Elite Racing (2008)
Does the production of the Z33 even dated back all the way to 2002!?
Nissan 350Z

Cars: Mater-National (2007)
kojimoto wrote
No way Koji is a Chevy Cavalier, he's from Japan. He has to be a Japanese car of some type.

He is based off from a 350Z (Z33), not Cavalier

Cars: The Video Game (GBA) (2006)
Screenshots from the movie = Only seen in CGI cutscene
Dodge Charger

Asphalt 9: Legends (2018)
Mix of both a mk6 charger and 90s impala
Honda NSX

Need for Speed: Shift (PSP) (2009)
Acura was rebbaged in actual game
Tramontana R

GT Racing: Motor Academy (2010)
Wow, thanks!
How did you find this car?
Ford GT

Need for Speed: Carbon Own The City (DS) (2006)
No stripes but ok :)
Subaru Impreza

Need for Speed: Carbon Own The City (DS) (2006)
The DS Version Has '03 Impreza Exclusivley and The GBA, PSP & Rest of the consoles have '06 Model.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (DS) (2005)
Victor_2003 wrote
Great patience for play the most crap version of the game.

So does the GBA, cause of track 2 is being cancerous.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (DS) (2005)
Can you do Undercover & Underground 2 on the DS next?

Need for Speed: Underground 2 (GBA) (2004)
Forgot to add the TT and NFS edition cars

Chrysler Classic Racing (2008)
tunedricer wrote
Chrysler Windsor

No, someone refered to a school bus
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