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Chicago 90 (1989)victorvance DE (315)One of the first games I know featuring car chases in an Open World. You can also choose between the criminal and try to outrun the cops, or you can change sides and try to chase the suspect down. Great memories! Great game! :love: 2013-07-24 03:17
Pontiac Fiero
Chicago 90 (1989)
civic_eg6_94 ID (71)
EscudoPikesPeak wrote more like Nissan 300ZX to me

than Pontiac Fiero

Spoiler, lower trim, exhaust, rear bumper vent all match with the Fiero.
2013-01-27 14:38
Pontiac Fiero
Chicago 90 (1989)
EscudoPikesPeak TH (1)more like Nissan 300ZX to me

than Pontiac Fiero

2013-01-27 13:49
Dodge Monaco Series III
Chicago 90 (1989)
EscudoPikesPeak TH (1)how come is a Dodge Monaco?

i mean look at the bonnet! its very long like a pickup truck!

THIS IS how Monaco looks like... no long bonnet.... should change to "unknown"
2013-01-27 13:46

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