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Toyota Vios GL-i
3D Racing Craze (2009)
Renz203 PH (12)
I believe that the Japanese version of the Vios (the Belta) was common in Japan before March 11 and after the stunami, this car became rare along with some other Japanese cars........
(I'm not sure from what I believe)
I'm not also sure if this car in the link is a Yaris Sedan or Belta because Those both cars was manufactured in Japan while the Vios is manufactured in my country (Philippines),Thailand,Malaysia and China.

The reason why I said that the Belta was common in Japan before March 11 Stunami - I saw that car in some CCTV escaping the stunami along with some kei cars......
The Toyota Belta in this video is black at 1:29
2017-01-06 08:58
3D Racing Craze (2009)subzero MY (203)
Although they are the same car but they are in different trim levels. 2010-10-01 17:38

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