2010 Peugeot 508

Surname: Rental Car

Mk: 1

Class: Sedan

Origin: FR France

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Burn Rubber


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US robloxg0d750

2020-05-15 09:00
This reminds me of a BMW 3 Series

ES alatriste2003

2016-07-08 09:33
American Ford Focus '08?: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5a/2009_ford_focus_SES_sedan.JPG


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2016-07-08 09:35:34
US AutoTracker

2016-07-08 01:45
Looks kinda like the 206 sedan that was sold somewhere...

FR Rinspeed

2016-07-08 01:15
Burn Rubber wrote
Excuse me but this does share some similarities slightly with the 406. At least let someone give input before deciding its not one!

i think you hadn't understand what i want to say. If i erased it, it's because, Renault 406 never exist! It's Renault something else or Peugeot 406 but if you want to be ridiculous, i can let it next time...

FR Rinspeed

2016-07-08 01:02
Seriously Burn Rubber, you had put Renault 406!! Next time put unknown instead of putting a really wrong thing. It's like if i said Chevrolet Taurus...

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