1968 Fiat 500 F

Class: Supermini

Origin: IT Italy

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Noko Tau

Contributor: Noko Tau


Author Message

Noko Tau

2016-05-03 18:17
Razor440 wrote
Did you lower it? It looks pretty cool imo.

Nope. Not lowered. It's just two photographs taken at the same instant. It leeeaaaans a little.

KP Razor440

2016-04-21 21:47
Did you lower it? It looks pretty cool imo.

Noko Tau

2016-04-21 20:45
Burn Rubber wrote
FYI I completely changed my profile. Removing that "love and hate list".

Aw, you're growing up. I'm so proud.

PL sajmon14

2016-04-21 18:51
that one with beige car, dunno whose it was :p well this one is fine too

PL sajmon14

2016-04-21 17:51
this pic is fine

DE Mieguy

2016-04-21 13:11
@ Burn Rubber: If you could stop adding the "How to purchase" section that would be great. Please only add this if you know the prize of the car. Shouldn't be so hard if you own the game. Just go into car dealerships.

Noko Tau

2016-04-21 08:50
Nope, they're beige and boring. The only reason admins are replacing my pictures with yours is that you spammed the hell out of them with your whining and complaining. That's all you're good at. Whine and complain like a spoilt little brat.

I'm guessing mommy and daddy don't say 'no' to you enough.

You have a list of people you hate and love and you don't see how childish that is?

And yes it does blend in. You chose a beige car that matches almost perfectly the beige building in the background. But that's you in a nutshell.


Noko Tau

2016-04-21 06:14
Beige car almost blending in with a beige background. Sounds like a Rubbery is in progress.

Meanwhile on the other side of my rear shot . . .


Red 500 in front of a blurred, out of focus Yellow FD, grey track and green grass. Can't fail to lose it now.

Not saying admins need to replace the first image with mine, but this is here as a comparison so folks can actually see it.

And yes, it's passing a heavier RX-7 on a corner. More than twice the weight in fact.

1,100 lbs Vs 2,6852,954 lb

Balanced mid engine Vs Nose heavy front engine

Maintaining speed Vs Slamming anchors

Does a diagram really need to be drawn? Or can people finally understand the principles behind a technical circuit is to make it a level playing field?

If it were a question of 'who has the most horses wins' then there's very little point to racing.

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