2000 Piaggio Porter

Catégorie: Porteur

Origine: IT Italie

Véhicule non jouable



Contributeur: Hakari


Auteur Message

US ZoomZoom

2016-01-06 23:07
It was the headlights that made the difference between the two. Thanks for uploading the pictures.

PL Hakari

2016-01-05 13:56
ZoomZoom a écrit
2000 Piaggio Porter

Based on Daihatsu Hijet... That was close. Another identified car.

US ZoomZoom

2016-01-05 03:51
2000 Piaggio Porter

PL Hakari

2016-01-05 00:36
Looks like a japanese compact truck from late 80's/early 90's but I can't tell anything more about this vehicle. Probably too big for a kei truck. Should be listed as a pick-up or something else?

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