1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Surname: Boost

Mk: 2

Class: Coupé

Origin: JP Japan

Playable and unlockable vehicle
: Only playable in the 'High Speed Heist' mission. Playable in the PSP version after completing 'Boost



Contributor: Rinspeed


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Lionicorn photo_librarymode_comment

2021-06-24 21:31
Looks like RX7 mixed with S15 Silvia, but definitely not an Eclipse

RU 6ATOHbl4 photo_librarymode_comment

2021-01-19 21:09
Toyota Supra

US EEVEE(POKEMON) photo_librarymode_comment

2019-05-21 02:06
Whoa whoa whoa, hang on a sec. Why listed as RX-7 when rest are Eclipse's?
AU EK61 photo_librarymode_comment

2013-12-23 05:49
I've always thought it was an Eclipse, but I see the resemblance to the RX-7
US CA_NES photo_librarymode_comment

2011-01-11 21:13
Someone on IMCDB reccomended a Saleen SR www.stangbangers.com/00_SaleenSR_Article.htm however they have it listed as an Eclipse. imcdb.org/vehicle_66060-Mitsubishi-Eclipse-1994.html
EU booster photo_librarymode_comment

2008-12-23 22:28
I dont think this is any RX-7... not even close i would say.
CrazyCars photo_librarymode_comment

2007-12-04 17:07
It's a game, not everything is going to be the same
CA Kojimoto photo_librarymode_comment

2007-12-04 02:56
And I see no relation between Boost & the RX-7: Boost doesn't have any pop-up headlights.
CA Kojimoto photo_librarymode_comment

2007-11-27 02:33
If this is REALLY a RX-7 like the other results, why aren't their any pop-up headlights?

FR Rinspeed photo_librarymode_comment

2007-11-06 18:09
no it's not a saleen sr, i think it's a japanese car
CrazyCars photo_librarymode_comment

2007-11-06 18:01
Saleen SR, look at the c-pillar and bootlid

FR Rinspeed photo_librarymode_comment

2007-11-06 12:07
playable only in mini game

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