Rover 3500

Chassis: P6

Class: Sedan

Origin: UK United Kingdom

Playable and unlockable vehicle
: Complete Toothless in Wapping Stunt 4 with 95% accuracy



Contributor: lcpdcv

Contributor: lcpdcv


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US lcpdcv

2013-02-03 09:52
Replaced shot, since SWF's was a developer screen.

CA SizSkiizd

2009-08-02 19:58
[quote mycarcheck] The vehicle D801KJA, a Ford Capri Laser (3 Door Hatchback)

CA SizSkiizd

2008-03-08 09:31
CrazyCars wrote
It seems every car does about 70-80 mph in this game, although the Lamborghini does 110 (if your lucky)

Yes, I've noticed that if your car is in the air, the speedometre says your speed is at 117 mph, so I guess there is no car that can drive faster than so.
ES lastinpurple

2008-03-06 16:40
That grille was only available for 3500 V8 models, so definatley a 3500
ES lastinpurple

2008-01-15 16:42
It's just a game, it isn't 100% real

CA SizSkiizd

2008-01-15 16:05
The licence plate indicates that this vehicle was registrated sometime around the mid-80s. That's rather strange, since production of this model ceased in 1977.

2008-01-08 20:01
It seems every car does about 70-80 mph in this game, although the Lamborghini does 110 (if your lucky)
Star Wars Fanatic

2007-12-03 23:08
Yes indeed, welcome londonitalian :)

2007-12-03 18:07
I think it's a Ford, but not a Granada/Consul.

Welcome to the site, we seem to be getting many new members this week :D

2007-11-17 16:46
UK austinallegro

2007-11-17 16:44
Yes, but you've got to grant the developers some creative liscence haven't you? It's got more characteristics similar ro the P6 than it has to the Zephyr,/Zodiac, and another thing, which are you more likely to see as a police car in the sixties/seventies? a P6 with over 320,000 produced or a Zephyr with just about 100,000 produced?

-- Last edit:
2007-11-17 16:46:18

2007-11-17 16:29
This is nothing like the Rover P6 though,

)The P6 Had four round lights
)It didn't have tail fins as big as this
)It didn't have Back lights that are in a zig-zag type of style

I think the side and rear looks like this
UK austinallegro

2007-11-17 16:16
The Zephyr/Zodiac looks nothing like this car. For one thing, neither had stacked headlight, then again, that's the only thing linking it to being a P6.

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2007-11-17 16:23:22

2007-11-11 08:33
Anyway, i'm now saying Zephyr as it has the tailfins and it's quite large
ES lastinpurple

2007-11-10 23:06
then a Rover 2200 [P6]
Star Wars Fanatic

2007-11-10 22:52
It wasn't very powerful if I remember.
ES lastinpurple

2007-11-10 22:25
well, here goes the question. How powerful is this car? If the answer is very powerful, it's a Rover 3500 P6B, if not, it's a normal 2000 P6.
UK austinallegro

2007-11-10 18:28
It's most defintely read it's a Rover P6/3000/2200, I even read somehere that they used someone's P6 as the the engine sound for the car.
ES lastinpurple

2007-11-10 17:50
No it isn't. It's a 70's Rover 2200

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