2002 Nissan Skyline

Extra info: GT-R V-Spec Police

Chassis: R34

Mk: 10

Class: Coupé

Origin: JP Japan

Unplayable vehicle
: Remix version



Contributor: tupacserbia

Contributor: tupacserbia


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2020-01-08 22:43
TheGreaser wrote
That surfboard truck really doesn't need a separate listing, tbh, plus it's only found in San Diego. And the only color for said truck is white.

I'm guessing someone can just display the images in the comments then.


2020-01-08 19:46
And yet like I said afew months ago. There's a Toyota Tacoma that has a surf board in the back still not uploaded yet. You may say it's the same as the original-NO it's not, it comes in only color and it has a damage model similar to the lifeguard version. The grill is even a square.

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2020-01-08 19:48:43


2020-01-08 12:52
I vote on it staying. Let's just say that if you don't have the game, you can't truly distinguish the differences. You can't truly say it's the duplicate of the playable one, it's lacking quite alot of detail. Plus, why delete an asset to a video game that has special traffic vehicles that only show up in a race?

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2020-01-08 13:13:58
CH Solarriors

2020-01-08 07:19
So no need to list it, it's a duplicate from the drivable version
RB tupacserbia

2014-10-18 07:35
Yup, agreed.

ID civic_eg6_94

2014-10-18 04:33
Mk.X [R34]

Judging by the grille, spoiler, and bumpers, it's the GT-R police package (same as the driveable Tokyo Cop)

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2014-10-18 04:34:36

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