1987 Nissan Sentra

Surname: Wrecked White Car

Chassis: B12

Class: Sedan

Origin: JP Japan

Unplayable vehicle



Contributor: Tuppence870


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KP Razor440

2016-04-05 17:10
JFK wrote
In GTA Online creator is this prop named as "Wrecked White Car", please admin, change it

Can someone please change it now?


2015-05-19 20:02
In GTA Online creator is this prop named as "Wrecked White Car", please admin, change it

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2015-05-19 20:11:15
RB tupacserbia

2015-01-22 02:58
It's a wreck from Max Payne 3.
US SeberHusky

2015-01-22 02:19
Is this the Primo? GTA IV came out in 2008, so it's possible they recycled the model and used it for a prop for Max Payne 3, and then recycled it again as a prop for GTA V.

PL sajmon14

2014-11-22 14:37
I doubt that they would be basing on that


2014-11-22 14:23
Škoda 792 Felicia Sedan 1991 for me
yes, I know first Felicia was built in 1994, but 792 is a prototype
RB tupacserbia

2014-11-18 21:09
I honestly thought both versions of this wreck were Alliances.

US Black Bart

2014-06-21 17:41
1986 Toyota Camry

ES alatriste2003

2014-06-18 19:06
It's clearly a Toyota Camry Mk.II from Max Payne 3 www.igcd.net/vehicle.php?id=46309


2014-05-19 17:51
Nissan Sentra

UK Tuppence870

2014-05-18 13:52
I did look at the image, in fact I was the one who uploaded it. From in game, they were very similar, but there were subtle differences like the bumper which indicate a slightly different model.

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2014-05-18 13:54:32
PL Tycek

2014-05-18 13:41
I know it's reused from MP3, but maybe you should look before you say anything. Bodylines are the same, rears are the same, the only difference between them is the grille and headlights although these are smashed in the red one). Either both are Sentras or both are Camrys.

UK Tuppence870

2014-05-18 11:40
It's not. As valera posted, this is a Toyota Camry reused from Max Payne 3.
PL Tycek

2014-05-18 09:26
It's the same car as the Nissan Sentra (the one Sajmon linked), but in slightly better condition.

2014-05-17 13:35
Toyota Cressida?
The C-pillar looks like it came from the Toyota Crown:

2014-05-16 23:40
nope, as posted by valera, this is a unique wreck reused from MP3

DE Gamer

2014-05-16 22:09
UA valera

2014-05-16 16:31
same www.igcd.net/vehicle.php?id=46309

PL sajmon14

2014-05-16 11:08
less damaged version of this: igcd.net/vehicle.php?id=59607
TH PikesPeak

2014-05-16 10:43
Need rear view .... from this perspective , i guess it's Toyota Corolla

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