2003 Chevrolet Express

Surname: Vapid Clown Van

Class: Van / MPV

Origin: US USA

Playable and unlockable vehicle
: Reaching Sponsorship Tier 75 in Arena War



Contributor: robi

Contributor: robi

Contributor: Jonathan6506


Author Message

US Z3ph7r

2020-08-25 19:44
It's actually available via Pegasus Lifestyle Management after reaching Sponsorship Tier 75 Arena War.

ID Jonathan6506

2017-07-04 18:50

This vehicle is actually unplayable. It appears in the mission: Grass Roots - Trevor. In the mission, it was controlled by an NPC. Outside the mission, this vehicle cannot be obtained through any means except using save editors/cheats/hacks/mods.
FI 8ed5

2015-07-21 17:09
Burn Rubber wrote

Weird vehicle if you ask me.

Weird yes, but also interestingly unusual; I like that kind of vehicles, they're sort of eye catchers ;)
FI 8ed5

2015-07-21 16:40
Burn Rubber wrote

You can't buy it. It'd only usable in events.

Too bad :/
FI 8ed5

2015-07-21 16:09
How can you get this in Gta: Online? I'd like to own one :)
PL Tycek

2014-05-13 18:56
It's playable in GTA: Online.
DE robi

2014-05-13 15:23
I'm pretty sure I listed it as unplayable. It is only driveable through safe editing, according to the GTA wiki page.

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