2004 Holden Commodore

Extra info: SS

Chassis: VY

Mk: 3

Class: Sedan

Origin: AU Australia

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Noko Tau

Contributor: Rinspeed


Author Message

Noko Tau

2016-04-16 12:19
Better lit picture from the rear.


And since some people claim they're "going to have a heart attack" if they see an Australian V8 take on a TVR Straight 6 and win . . .


Noko Tau

2016-04-15 18:46
I guess I could run the race again. The problem about taking a picture out in the open is the glare bouncing off glass and paint. Sun always seems to be shining in the Deep Forest.

Of course it'll be against a different 'hero' car. Hope that doesn't offend some folks sensibilities.

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2016-04-15 18:47:16

KP Razor440

2016-04-15 17:45
Maybe we should have a "click to view" gallery. That way nobody argues over who gets to provide a screenshot. Unless if the main picture is already decided they could go in the gallery

BE Speedevil

2016-04-15 12:14
The front shot is fine but the rear view isn't great IMO.
PL jackcossack

2016-04-15 09:21
Well, tbh, the rear-view one is a bit too dark.

VC Desscythe17

2016-04-15 09:03
Stop being such a drama queen, these pics are fine.

Noko Tau

2016-04-15 03:09

Like this?

(And yeah, that was a TVR)

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2016-04-15 03:09:48

Noko Tau

2016-04-15 02:21
Rinspeed wrote
Noko Tau, you can post the first pic in comments when the old one is too bad like for this or the Ferrari. And we will replace it.

Is it okay if I link it from my DA account?

And should I worry about people getting bent outta shape over what cars I've passed?

(That's probably the TVR Speed 6 I've passed there. Other AI 'hero' cars include a 'vette, a Countach and a green Mercedes I never really paid that much attention to.)

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2016-04-15 02:23:29

FR Rinspeed

2016-04-14 10:40
Noko Tau, you can post the first pic in comments when the old one is too bad like for this or the Ferrari. And we will replace it.
SE fontheking5

2013-12-14 15:55
We want Holden V8 supercars , come on , we got Bathurst , we got a Ford Falcon V8 Supercars , we must be able to put these 2 togheter . I am happy with the Commodore and Monaro road cars but i think we need some race Commodores as well :) Just my thought and will .

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