Uralvagonzavod T-90MS

Class: Military armored vehicle

Origin: RU Russia

Unplayable vehicle



Contributor: Evil Tim


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Evil Tim

2013-11-25 20:21
I've looked around and it is very slightly too short, but I can tell exactly why: whoever drew that set of plans scaled the hull by the length without the external fuel drums fitted, and took that as the length with them fitted. Most model kits are based on those plans and so most of them replicate this error. So it is a T-90MS, it's just one based on flawed information which results in (very minor) dimensional inaccuracy, roughly one scale foot.
Evil Tim

2013-11-25 19:28
That's just the bustle rack being modelled too long (it's about twice as big as it should be), and the RPG cage on the side extending to the back of the tank rather than stopping over the drive sprocket. The back of the turret to the back of the tank is about the length it would be on a T-90MS.

The real tank looks this length from certain angles: i44.servimg.com/u/f44/15/54/62/79/t-90mc11.jpg

(It looks like the model was based on this set of plans: i888.photobucket.com/albums/ac86/Stefan94pa/T90%20MS%20Tagil/t-90_zps4de66712.png Most model kits of the T-90MS are also based on that set of plans.)

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2013-11-25 20:02:49
RU Kirov-MG

2013-11-25 19:25
Evil Tim wrote
No it isn't.

Not T-90. T-90MS has a longer engine pool. This tank have short engine. Maybe it's a fictional variant of T-90MS, but not original T-90MS.
Evil Tim

2013-11-25 19:22
No it isn't, that's either perspective or at most a very minor modelling error (they've extended the side RPG cage right to the back of the tank rather than stopping it over the drive sprocket).

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2013-11-25 19:25:51
RU Kirov-MG

2013-11-25 19:19
Back is to shot for T-90MS. It's Made for game.
RU Kirov-MG

2013-11-25 18:39
T-99 must be writed with "-"
Evil Tim

2013-11-25 18:39
Got this wrong, it's a T-90MS, not a T-99. Same manufacturer.


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2013-11-25 18:42:01

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