1961 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Passo Corto

Extra info: CN.2521

Class: Coupé

Origin: IT Italy

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Noko Tau

Contributor: Noko Tau


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PL damianea103

2018-10-19 10:19
Oops put extra info into chasis code, sorry!

Noko Tau

2016-04-16 01:21

Noko Tau

2016-04-13 14:04
Pretty decent in the intermediate seasonals.

Pretty straight foward tune but watch the initial torque in this one though. Not too high and going over crests try not to make it too light on her rear axle. Even if you lose a few mph going over you'll be able to make that up soon as she settles on her haunches and you can tear around the last hairpin while your opponents are still trying not to slid off.
FI Antti-san

2014-08-20 07:34
I think "Passo Corto" should be part of the model name. Anyways, could someone upload a better picture for this? ;)
TH PikesPeak

2013-11-06 00:00
First 250 GT Berlinetta in the IGCD!

Thank you PD!
US ShantJ

2013-11-05 21:11

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