Lenco B.E.A.R.

Surname: Police Riot

Class: Military armored vehicle

Origin: US USA

Playable vehicle



Contributor: speedfreak975

Contributor: speedfreak975

Contributor: Klumb3r


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PL Hakari

2015-12-13 20:11
It's Lenco BEAR not a Bearcat. Bearcat is smaller than this vehicle.

EDIT: Also the category appears to be wrong. It's not a van or MPV but more likely an military armored vehicle. Other BEAR/Bearcats are listed under various categories like SUV or even as a simple truck. What a mess...

-- Last edit:
2015-12-13 20:19:40

US NismoR35

2013-10-10 16:52
These spawn as roadblocks instead of the Police Transporter when you get 4 stars, far as I know, I encountered these in Sandy Shores after accidentally entering the Hume gas facility.

DE Mieguy

2013-10-10 11:29

the only time i saw this was in the Mission "Paleto Bay Score".
US GodsFriendChuck

2013-10-09 09:37
Better front view: socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/snapmatic/photo/FNZJy0Y3o0-_KIDz65f48Q

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