1938 Bugatti Type 57 SC

Surname: Truffade Z-Type

Extra info: Atlantic

Class: Coupé

Origin: FR France

Playable and unlockable vehicle
: Complete the mission 'Eye in the Sky' (Story Mode)



Contributor: speedfreak975

Contributor: speedfreak975

Contributor: Jonathan6506


Author Message

FR Skyline159

2020-06-24 18:52
Available in solo after the mission "Eye in the Sky".

US generalrusty78

2018-04-12 00:12
Weather the new Great Depression with a car from the last Great Depression. When this rolled off the production line in 1937, minorities and women knew their place. It was the world's fastest automobile. Now it's the world's most expensive second-hand automobile. One of only 10 ever made, the Z-Type is a car you can really enjoy sitting in, surrounded by armed guards, too terrified to actually drive it anywhere.

CL Klumb3r

2016-12-19 01:55
Z-Type in Grand Theft Auto 2


2015-01-02 20:53
"This is going to be expensive car crash!"
Words that come out of my mouth when i first seen car and its price :D
US Blingy

2013-12-03 21:56
I just wish when you modded it, it came with a giant Z on the roof.
AR BadHairDay

2013-11-04 21:10
nah, I think most fans love this car, that's why Rockstar decide to include it.
FR SolanaBogon

2013-10-02 14:08
I love its engine sound^^ but it seems that lots of "fans" (probably 12yo kikoolols) hate this car, that makes me kinda angry :/

-- Last edit:
2013-10-02 14:08:51
TH PikesPeak

2013-09-13 02:38
You don't say?

BR Attacker1997

2013-09-13 02:35
Z-Type will returns

ID civic_eg6_94

2013-09-12 17:32
Truffade is actually the manufacturer name parodying Bugatti.

(EDIT: in-game name: Z-Type)

-- Last edit:
2013-09-12 17:52:00
CA Officer Sandwiches

2013-09-12 08:42
victorvance wrote
Military front lights?

Looks like it.
DE victorvance

2013-09-12 08:33
Military front lights?

US Shinka Nibutani

2013-09-12 08:24
I Like It! I Love It!

ES J-2

2013-09-12 04:33
This one is tuned with no taste, but...amazing car to have!

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