1983 Dodge Ram 50

Mk: 1

Class: Pick-up

Origin: JP Japan

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Gamer

Contributor: Aginnon

Contributor: Aginnon


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CZ Aginnon

2016-05-30 12:33
Added inside.

CZ Aginnon

2016-04-30 11:55
Added back shot.
US carcrasher88

2013-03-09 20:25
PL Tycek

2013-03-09 20:14
Japan, Made for US?
US carcrasher88

2013-03-09 20:04
Bumper and headlights seem to match an 83-86 Ram 50, perhaps the grille is aftermarket?

DE Gamer

2013-03-09 20:02
This is 100% a Ram 50, I would agree with Sandie.
PL Tycek

2013-03-09 20:00
Okay, it's a truck. but no Ram looked like this. Judging by the shape it looks more like japanese pickup than american one.

2013-03-09 19:57
If it's really a Ram it will be a Mitsubishi-based Ram 50: 1.bp.blogspot.com/_TsdjySqKQlI/THNpYxjAaNI/AAAAAAAAEmI/ZUy5xCiAF6E/s1600/1985+Dodge+Ram+50+Royal.+-+1.jpg

But like Tycek, I have my doubts.

DE Gamer

2013-03-09 19:53
Just for proof, I will now post a pic with that logo as "inside-dashboard".
PL Tycek

2013-03-09 19:47
Do you mean that car these people are driving is Ram? It looks like '80s LeSabre for me.

DE Gamer

2013-03-09 19:38
It says "Ram" on the side of the truck but that´s not visible in this pic.
PL Tycek

2013-03-09 19:29
And where is the Dodge Ram on this picture?

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