2003 Lincoln Town Car

Surname: Albany Washington

Class: Sedan

Origin: US USA

Playable vehicle



Contributor: speedfreak975

Contributor: speedfreak975

Contributor: Jonathan6506


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US generalrusty78

2018-04-12 17:40
Is there a more iconic town car than the Washington? Own a piece of livery history! (Just don't loiter for too long at traffic lights or someone will get in the back and ask you to take them to the airport)
US GeoZR177

2016-01-02 16:19
I use to be bugged by how this is an Albany instead of a Dundreary until I found out that the founder of Lincoln was the division manager of Cadillac until 1917 and the company was sold to Ford in 1922. Thought it was a neat little fun fact.

US NismoR35

2012-11-14 23:14
With this appearing, possible chance the Romero would make a return with spawning points for it.
NL Gijs571

2012-11-14 18:31
Washington with small changes
ES daviddiaz21

2012-11-14 17:28
My favorite car, i love this car.

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