1994 Chevrolet S-10

Familien-oder Nachname: Pickup

Klasse: Pick-up

Ursprung: US Vereinigten Staaten

Spielbares Fahrzeug

Teilnehmer: Classic-car-nut


Autor Nachricht
US biaxialemperor

2014-02-14 10:30
I second the Sierra. It has the right shapes to be an '07 Sierra, and the S10s were smaller and less chunky.
US carcrasher88

2012-10-25 21:44
Looks like a 2007+ GMC Sierra with 2005-11 Toyota Tacoma headlights to me.

2012-10-08 20:41
Doesn't look like a Toyota to me. It's meant to be American as they created a July 4th edition of this vehicle.

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2012-10-08 20:42:04
RU Maltravers

2012-10-06 23:13
Toyota Hilux?
BR mx3

2012-10-06 15:27
Chevrolet Silverado or Toyota Tacoma.

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