1999 Ford F-150

Extra info: Racing

Mk: 10

Class: Racecar

Origin: US USA

Playable and unlockable vehicle
: Buy for 68000 credits



Contributor: Rinspeed

Contributor: Comfortably Numb


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Hoonigan photo_librarymode_comment

2012-07-13 15:30
Never used this one much. Probably because it was a prissy little pickup with tiny wheels :D

BR fernando2236 photo_librarymode_comment

2012-05-27 00:39
never seen a ford f 150 for competition like this in real life .... that would be based on a car pikes peak? hmm?
LV NoNeX photo_librarymode_comment

2011-05-30 15:51
Always drived with this car :D

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