2001 MINI Cooper

Surname: Nimi

Chassis: R50

Class: Hatchback

Origin: UK United Kingdom

Playable vehicle



Contributor: NFA


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AR k9underdogg

2012-08-02 14:33
:P ok I was kind of mad when I wrote that. Still I don't think the guy who made the game knew what Nimi meant in Finnish (but neither did the guy that created Lego know it means "I put together"...)
Thanks for the data.
FI ACE the ultimatum

2012-08-02 08:51
"Nimi" is Finnish and means "Name".
AR k9underdogg

2012-08-01 22:34
Yup, pretty much.

2012-08-01 22:21
You just start calling it a stupid flash game, just because one vehicle has an unfitting name?
AR k9underdogg

2012-08-01 18:05
"Nimi"? What a stupid and unoriginal name -.-' Seriously, I don't get why they can't come up with a good name for a fake mini cooper, stupid flash game makers.
Why not call it Meanie, like the blue meanies from the Beatles movie? Or Brit like the one from GTA Advance. Or Minion... idk

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