2011 Toyota Camry

Surname: Prime

Chassis: XV40

Mk: 6

Class: Sedan

Origin: JP Japan

Playable vehicle



Contributor: TrueCrime

Contributor: TrueCrime


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HK BrianMak

2016-08-18 06:38
Accord 2009 Made for HK
IT ProjectDriver

2016-06-09 21:31
2008 Honda Accord USA
IT Catan69

2015-02-23 07:38
Looks a lot like a Lincoln MKZ, first gen from 2006.

BR attacker1997

2014-06-15 00:18
2011 Toyota Aurion
US carcrasher88

2014-01-01 23:23
Apparently, according to an in-game radio commercial, this car is German.

UK Tuppence870

2013-08-04 13:26
Holden Caprice? upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/00/2006-2008_Holden_WM_Caprice_sedan_02.jpg/800px-2006-2008_Holden_WM_Caprice_sedan_02.jpg
US carcrasher88

2013-01-07 04:55
If there's any Toyota (company, not just the brand) product that's any bit close, it would be the Lexus LS, and not even THAT matches all too well. It most certainly should be left MFG.
SI Andra125

2012-12-25 17:05
Like i said: generic sedan, it's made of several cars.
SI Andra125

2012-12-25 16:42
Nope, a generic sedan.
IT walter

2012-12-13 18:47
How can a car made of various parts (Cadillac CTS ? body, Chevrolet something front, etc... in my opinion) be a SAAB?

I'm going to be tired of deleting your rubbish comments, Marec. Stop with this childish behaviour.

2012-07-24 13:16
lol another graphicfag.
US carcrasher88

2012-07-24 02:15
I'm thinking Saab 9-5.

2012-07-23 21:42

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