2008 Toyota Estima

Surname: Guide

Class: Van / MPV

Origin: JP Japan

Playable vehicle



Contributor: TrueCrime

Contributor: TrueCrime


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2018-07-22 09:19
It's definitely some sort of Espace. Possibly the one Mieguy posted in an image.
KR hanwoo

2014-06-06 17:19
It's not estima, it's a nissan note.
NO amilo-d

2012-09-16 23:08
rogue-1066 wrote

Indeed front looks like Toyota Estima! Good catch.
CA jpdmpp

2012-08-17 23:25
its a BYD M6, its a rip off of the toyota previa, its china so most cars are rip offs....

DE Mieguy

2012-08-12 12:08
with these very small roof pillars it could also be a Renault Espace. My father has a Toyota Previa and so i dont think this comes too close to Previa.

JP RedFerrari

2012-07-24 13:45
it looks like a concept or 2019's minivan?
TW RacingFreak

2012-07-15 07:18
Picture updated.
DE robi

2012-04-11 10:19
On Hong Kong roads are mainly Japanese and European cars.
NL kelvin100nl

2012-04-08 09:56
Landwind CV9?

UK ta-caprice-xi

2012-04-01 14:38
With the positioning of the wheels and the overall look of the car, and keeping in mind that style of rear lights aren't exclusive to the C-Max, it's possible it's a current kei-car, such as the Daihatsu Move, or Suzuki Wagon R, but scaled up to the size of a minivan.

It does have a lot in common with Japanese minivans aswell, though. The Mazda Premacy, for example, or the Honda Freed which is largely the same shape as this car.

Of course, without a front end shot, it's not as easy to identify.

2012-04-01 00:40
Suzuki MR Wagon or Nissan Moco?



UK ta-caprice-xi

2012-03-31 22:19
Looks Japanese to me. Not sure what make/model specifically though.
DE philipp3108

2012-03-31 13:50
mixture of ford c-max and grand c-max and something else?

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2012-03-31 13:54:13

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