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2004 Toyota Celica GT-S Mk.VII [ZZT231]

2004 Toyota Celica Mk.VII [ZZT231] в Colin McRae Rally 2005, Гонка, 2004

Тип: Автомобили, Спорткар — Страна: JP

Playable Vehicle Unlockable Vehicle Играбельное и разблокируемое ТС

2004 Toyota Celica GT-S Mk.VII [ZZT231]


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2009-07-09 22:35

A fabulous 2WD car, simply fabulous. Not very powerful mind you, and with the gearbox set to it's neutral settings, you never need to make any adjustments. Wheel hop is fierce off the line, but, the car does calm down once it gets going. Very sure of itself it's a great choice once it becomes unlocked. Kinda wonder though, turbo-charge this car and give it Toyota's excellent AWD system, and you can't help but wonder just how good this car would be?

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