1983 Mercedes-Benz 190 Cabrio

Chassis: W201

Class: Convertible

Origin: DE Germany

Unplayable vehicle



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US Skid

2011-04-03 16:27
andrew nicholson wrote
I have no Idea why it was just a law this law was repealed in the 1990's and that's why all cars before 1990 had circular headlights.

Not quite. Rectangular headlights were first allowed in the U.S. market in 1975, but they had to be "sealed beam" units, which direct light beams with more intensity (and less ambient "spill") than the composite-type headlights used in other countries. Composite headlights were finally legalized for the U.S. market in 1987.

European automakers, for whatever reason, would just slap round sealed-beam headlights onto their U.S.-bound cars rather than attempt to use a similar-looking sealed-beam rectangular unit.

FR Takumi

2010-09-12 19:25
all are 190 and this is the rare version from 190 convertible look ;)

DE robi

2010-09-09 15:47
Mercedes-Benz SL

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