1984 Wartburg 353W Tourist

Extra info: Kombi

Class: Wagon

Origin: DR East Germany

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Chairs

Contributor: Chairs

Contributor: Chairs


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US Chairs photo_librarymode_comment

2023-05-16 06:54
Yet this game is set in 1979..

PL Polish Wheelman photo_librarymode_comment

2023-05-10 22:55
Wrong year - 1979+ taillights, also the black grille and bumpers were available only since 1984, with this in mind the black bumper variants should be listed as separate models - 1984 353W

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2023-05-10 23:02:31

US Chairs photo_librarymode_comment

2023-04-08 07:24
Forgot to mark it as playable. Give it a sec to update

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