2000 Ford Transit Rally Van

Mk: 3

Class: Racecar

Origin: DE Germany

Playable and unlockable vehicle
: Finish 2nd in the 4WD Championship - Advanced Difficulty



Contributor: Rinspeed

Contributor: TheBobolo

Contributor: TheBobolo


Author Message

ES Auto-Friki

2021-02-21 10:59
Only ONE was made.

US AHotWheelsCollector

2020-10-15 23:57
They made rally VANS???????

ES Auto-Friki

2020-05-03 10:24
The turbo-diesel rally vehicle in game.
CA dodge1970

2009-07-19 17:44
Best vehicle in the game!
UK austinallegro

2007-11-17 16:49
Oh sorry, make that a Mark 6.
UK austinallegro

2007-11-04 20:25
Mk 5

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