1962 GAZ 21 Volga

Surname: Srannebayare

Chassis: L

Class: Sedan

Origin: RS USSR

Playable and unlockable vehicle
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2021-12-21 07:51
In Pazniy slang, a more correct name is "srannie bayari".
Bayare / Bayari - from the name of the auto club "Boyars", who loves custom Volga.
In Pazniy slang, this word means both a GAZ car and the owner of such a car.
Volga owners are considered the elite among the owners of Soviet cars, unless of course you take into account the government cars of a higher class.

Sranniy (literally - shitty). From the word "ranniy" (early)
This is a play on words, it is a prefix to words. It denotes an early modification of the car, an earlier generation. Used for various Soviet cars.As a separate word applied to classic Izh cars before 1982.
In my opinion, Urly or Ear-ly translations are most suitable in English

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