1975 Moskvitch 2140

Surname: YeYeK

Class: Sedan

Origin: RS USSR

Playable and unlockable vehicle
: 35000 details



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RU Belich photo_librarymode_comment

2021-12-21 08:37
EEK - Egor Egorovich Karpunin, a fan of Moskvich cars. He became famous for his freaky behavior. He owns a Moskvich 2140, so the car in the game is named after Karpunin. Karpunin's car of the color "senezh", sometimes jokingly called "blue toilet bowl". Sometimes "senezh" is used in Pazniy slang as the name Moskvich-2140.
But usually Moskvich cars after 1967 are called OZLC in slang (then the plant was renamed from MZMA to AZLK)

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