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1996 Chevrolet Express 'Mr Wongs'

1996 Chevrolet Express 'Mr Wongs' in Grand Theft Auto III, Action, 2001

Klasse: LKWs, Einfacher LKW — Ursprung: US

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1996 Chevrolet Express 'Mr Wongs'


1996 Chevrolet Express 'Mr Wongs'


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G-MANN UK (51)

2006-11-08 15:23

A lighter version of the Mule, belonging to the laundrette who used to pay protection to the Leone Family, now associated with the Triads.

-- Last edit: 2006-11-09 12:06:00

CA_NES US (99)

2007-06-22 03:53

can't tip over


2008-06-02 18:42

All of these unknown ones are Fords E-Series.


2008-06-28 21:25

uhh, dont use it to make a getaway, just from experiance :D

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