Thomas Built EF

Class: School

Origin: US USA

Unplayable vehicle



Contributor: takumi


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DE victorvance

2013-09-17 18:34
So this is the proof that actually U.S. American school kids are really too fat. :lol:

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2013-09-17 18:34:56

FR takumi

2009-09-30 14:28
Yes nice guys, its the same base but i will named Thomas
US Geoman

2009-09-30 02:40
CA dodge1970

2009-09-30 02:34
Thats why I posted it bud. I see the resemblance as well, thats why I fetched this photo.
US Geoman

2009-09-30 02:25
Thanks!!!!!Dodge1970 !!!!!!I'm An Idiot! But I See A Big Resemblance Between This Picture Of A Thomas EF To The Picture.Never seen a bus cracked in half Though.
CA dodge1970

2009-09-30 02:13
Here you go Geoman:

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2009-09-30 02:16:28
US Geoman

2009-09-30 01:30
unfortunetly i'm not finding any thing on imageshack.I Can't even find a picture of a school bus,I'm sure if you look it up on google there will be pics.

FR takumi

2009-09-29 22:48
by imageshack us
US Geoman

2009-09-29 19:41
L Would But How Can I Get A Picture On This Comment Page? I'll Do It But I Wanna Know How To Do It.

FR takumi

2009-09-29 19:20
I don't find please take a pics for confirmation
US Geoman

2009-09-29 19:12
btw This Is A 2000 Thomas Built EF
US Geoman

2009-09-29 19:09
This Is A Thomas Built EF,My Middle And High schools Use This Same Ones,But The Blue Bird All Americans Have A Different Grille Styling.If You Look Closely It Has A Thomas Badge In In The Middle Of The Front,

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