Class: Sedan

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Dimi3

Contributor: Dimi3

Contributor: Dimi3


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US Tiresmoke72

2020-11-09 18:11
Old VW Passat?
CA Maspunch

2020-11-08 15:29
Volvo 850?
DE MrBlonde294

2020-11-02 16:01
would say volvo but not sure which model, could be 940, 850,S70,960
US carcrasher88

2020-11-01 22:31
For some reason, the first thing I thought of when I saw this was a Rover 800 Series, or it's North American counterpart, the Sterling 825/827.

US hr28qt

2020-11-01 21:35
Could be a Volvo 940, possibly?

PL damianea103

2020-10-30 19:53
Volvo S70?

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