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1994 BMW 5 'Sentinel' [E34]

1994 BMW 5 'Sentinel' [E34] in Grand Theft Auto III, Action, 2001

Class: Cars, Sedan — Origin: DE

Playable Vehicle Playable vehicle

1994 BMW 5 'Sentinel' [E34]

Picture provided by : G-MANN

1994 BMW 5 'Sentinel' [E34]

Picture provided by : Tycek

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2006-09-17 16:38

BMW, M5 is a possibility.

antp BE (26)

2006-09-17 16:39

I think that the goal of this car was to look like a BMW or Mercedes, but it is not really one of these. Just looking a little like.

G-MANN UK (51)

2006-09-19 00:55

To me the side profile of the car looked like a late-90s Nissan Primera. Frankly it really doesn't look much like a 5-series.

Star Wars Fanatic EN (487)

2006-09-19 10:29

I'm not sure, I see a BMW but then as was pointed out the cars tend to be cars meshed together sometimes.


2006-09-19 17:34

G-MANN wrote Looked like a late-90s Nissan Primera. Frankly it really doesn't look much like a 5-series.

I agree, it doesn't seems a BMW.


2006-11-15 13:10

I think it resembl;es a BMW 5 series quite much, especially the rear. And if you ad another front to the grille, it matches quite good. For me this can go as 5 series....


2006-11-16 22:58

hubcap seems to have the "h" of Honda...

G-MANN UK (51)

2006-11-17 15:46

Yes, quite a few of the cars in GTA3 have "Honda" wheels, probably just a coincidence.


2006-11-18 11:19

i dont think this is a BMW anyway


2007-04-08 05:20

BMW or not. The Sentinel is by far and away the best conventional car of the game with the Kuruma coming in close second.

Ali M5

2008-03-16 15:31

this is definelty basewd on the BMW 5 series 1992

Road Wars Fanatic IE (3)

2009-05-11 16:59

remember it is a fictitious car. It not going to be completely accurate. But I think it is a BMW of some sort an E39 5 series maybe

-- Last edit: 2009-06-18 14:22:16

Road Wars Fanatic IE (3)

2009-06-18 14:21

From Grand theft wiki:
'The Sentinel resembles a 1996-2003 BMW 5 Series sedan (specifically the 528i) in GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories.'
read full article:

takumi FR (391)

2009-06-21 16:11

Its a BMW 5 for sure but i say its E39 model

because no look really a E34 model :

according with me ?

-- Last edit: 2009-06-21 16:15:16

Road Wars Fanatic IE (3)

2009-07-06 11:52

I agree Definitly an E39
It Is not really an E34 at all

-- Last edit: 2009-07-08 20:08:25


2009-08-04 22:54

5-Series E34. Not an E39. It doesn't look nothing like the E39.

takumi FR (391)

2009-08-04 23:42

Nothing like toi méme ! c'est une E39 et c'est tout

ItsaUserName EN (69)

2012-01-15 14:41

The beta version of this car was called the "Beamer".
So yeah, it's a BMW ;)

JFK CZ (361)

2015-01-05 20:35

In patched 1.1 version it looks awful! body panels are too bright

Aginnon CZ (4)

2017-04-08 12:37

'91 Honda NSX wheels, neat.

Mathias98 HU (25)

2017-04-08 22:58

Aginnon wrote '91 Honda NSX wheels, neat.

No, the wheels are from a Honda HR-V:

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