1989 Ikarus 280

Extra info: .03

Class: Single-deck

Origin: HU Hungary

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Polish Wheelman

Contributor: Polish Wheelman

Contributor: Polish Wheelman


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PL Polish Wheelman photo_librarymode_comment

2022-01-09 19:00
Excuse me, but why was the subtype (Model Extra info) changed to .03? That's an obvious mistake. The Ikarus 280.03 was produced specifically for the German Democratic Republic and it featured only two doors (accordion doors may I add), whereas this 280 features 4 planetary doors. The .03 also had a manual gearbox while this one is automatic. The subtype I originally stated (.70E) might not be the case either as Ikarus 280.70E were made exclusively for Poland; but at least it had the same features as the bus in the game. I simply couldn't remember Hungarian domestic market subtypes with these characteristics but I did my best to stay accurate.

I'll do more research on the Hungarian domestic subtypes and update the Extra info sector then.

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2022-01-09 19:08:23

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