2007 Jaguar XK

Surname: F620

Chassis: X150

Mk: 2

Class: Coupé

Origin: UK United Kingdom

Playable, unlockable and downloadable vehicle
: DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony



Contributor: J-2

Contributor: SolanaBogon


Author Message
BR supertramp

2012-04-03 21:04
Ohhh guys...that's wrong. That's a Aston Martin DB9 and a Maserati GranTurismo mix design.
US davidbillmanoy

2011-09-26 01:06
And enough about the Maserati Gran Turismo. We know you believe it looks like a Maserati GranTurismo in the front. www.thetorquereport.com/2008_maserati_granturismo_front.jpg
US davidbillmanoy

2011-09-26 01:02
It looks like a Maserati GranTurismo in the front and it looks like a Jaguar XK in the back.
AU dragonboy

2010-07-02 15:33
Masrati granturismo more than XK

2010-07-01 23:14
Impossible to find! If anyone nows where to find this and the super diamond they are amazing! Although i think my game is slightly messed up. People say the willard is impossbile to find but in my game theres millions but rarely any lokuses pinnicles or primos.

ES J-2

2009-11-07 01:45
This car had nitro!...once.

Only during a race, even with the same car, after finishing it, you´ll not be able to use nitro again.

Rear view:

Star Wars Fanatic

2009-11-04 18:54
Available only in The Ballad of Gay Tony DLC.

2009-11-01 19:22
Looks more like the Mazza to me. Grill does it for me.
IE Road Wars Fanatic

2009-10-31 23:40
This car is called F620.
IE Road Wars Fanatic

2009-09-12 19:16
Maserati GranTurismo

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2009-09-12 19:18:57

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