1935 International Harvester C-35

Surname: Bulworth Sentry

Class: Military armored vehicle

Origin: US USA

Playable and unlockable vehicle



Contributor: subzero

Contributor: subzero


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IT buick8

2020-11-27 09:45
International harvester c35 armoured truck

MY subzero

2020-10-10 12:33
It is a shame that this vehicle is not bullet proof and you can't use the turret!! =(

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2020-10-10 12:34:21

2020-10-02 20:39
Not Ford AA?

2020-10-02 20:39
Not Ford AA?

2020-10-02 20:38
Not Ford AA?

CN JSYang01

2020-09-26 08:48
In-Game name: Bulworth Sentry

twilight sparkplug

2020-07-26 21:29
Domas wrote
then your "arsehole" comment will be not accepted then. go judge something else. this is black metal 4wd btw. no questions asked. don't care if its not same. you are surely wanted to do this because it's 'journalism".

Possible, But I dunno if they would call a boarder patrol truck that? Its kinda far removed from the original bonus car ya?

US generalrusty78

2020-07-26 14:33
Looks to be a old International C30 1936 International C30 truck; International Harvester Company ...
AU FireX52

2020-07-23 12:14
This one is really strange. If you take a look at the gameplay you can see it's actually something pretty much like the truck-sized delivery van. Definitely bigger than Ford Panel Vans from that era for example. For some reason, the front looks to me pretty much like the 1931 Mack 6-BK-3S, even though it's a bus.

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2020-07-23 12:15:04
US RealCarter

2020-07-23 10:51
Used to be Chevy Master, but this one looks a bit older

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2020-07-23 10:51:21

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