Hummer H2

Class: Off-road / SUV

Origin: US USA

Unplayable vehicle



Contributor: Alif R

Contributor: Alif R


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ID Alif R

2020-07-20 06:10
TheGreaser wrote

If you don't know about them, I'll educate you. The H2 was itself is actually an underpinned Chevrolet Tahoe, but boxier. And boy did it ever become so offensive to the American Life. Lots of people hated this, because it was a massive fuel hog, and the fact that this model stuck around until the late 2000s still baffles me. The H3 by hindsight is based off the Chevrolet Colorado chassis.
Thanks for that,i just simply forgot the model 👍

ID Alif R

2020-07-20 02:38
TheGreaser wrote
The choice is very clear. This is not a Hummer H3. It's a H2.

Omg i really forget that H2 is the big one

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