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1974 Ford LTD Country Squire MkVI

1974 Ford LTD Country Squire MkVI in Driv3r (Driver 3), Action, 2004

Class: Cars, Wagon — Origin: US

Playable Vehicle Playable vehicle

1974 Ford LTD Country Squire MkVI

Picture provided by : Star Wars Fanatic

1974 Ford LTD Country Squire MkVI

Picture provided by : SolanaBogon

Comments about this vehicle



2006-10-22 00:43

Ford LTD?

poncho sd

2006-10-28 18:43

the chrome around the grille is quite similar to that on a dodge dart or demon


2007-01-25 23:50

Plymouth Volare?

CA_NES US (99)

2007-06-04 09:22

Explorer4X4 wrote Ford LTD?



2007-09-24 15:05

Wikipedia says it is the same as this and this:

Star Wars Fanatic EN (487)

2007-09-24 15:13



2007-09-24 15:25



2007-09-25 10:48

It's a Dodge Diplomat then.


2008-10-12 21:24

country squire

Leoz EN (0)

2009-01-27 19:55

I'd go with LTD or County Squire. Has there ever been a Diplomat Station Wagon?


2009-03-08 05:59

Leoz wrote I'd go with LTD or County Squire. Has there ever been a Diplomat Station Wagon?

agreed with county squire,there is no such thing as a diplomat sw.

SizSkiizd CA (68)

2009-03-08 13:18

Diplomat station wagon excisted!


2009-03-08 16:00

i thought the only vehicles on that body platform that came in station wagon form were the volare and the aspen....i don't even know know if the diplomat was based off that body...i suck.

SizSkiizd CA (68)

2009-04-17 09:15

The front is based upon a Chrysler Newport:

car0203 KR (0)

2009-10-31 12:40

plymouth reliant?

Black Bart US (84)

2009-10-31 13:06

Headlights and grille don't match to a Reliant.

car0203 KR (0)

2009-12-29 06:06

rearlight is look's like falcon 1st.
Studebaker lark wagonaire or ford falcon wagon.

-- Last edit: 2009-12-29 06:12:47


2010-09-02 03:57

There was a Ford Torino wagon, which is what it looks like most.

-- Last edit: 2010-09-02 03:57:57

SolanaBogon FR (135)

2012-08-03 15:00

I think it's the 79-82 rather than the '74 model...

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-10-26 00:54

In the introduction cutscene, this car is seen driving down a bridge and looks exactly like a Lada station wagon.

Zmey20009 RU (0)

2014-02-08 13:19

Mercedes-Benz S123 1980-1986?

PikesPeak TH (14)

2014-02-08 13:31

^ No...

Zmey20009 RU (0)

2014-02-09 12:42

Why not?

PikesPeak TH (14)

2014-02-09 12:45

The headlight does looks like Merc E Klass a bit

EDIT : Let's talk about the rear end.... Driv3r version have a oval tailight while Merc E have a rectangle tailight... also , Merc E Class doesnt exist in wooden panel side (except you pimp it out) and the front of this car is much boxy than the Merc E Class annd the Merc E Class have a big front indicator which the Driv3r version doesnt have any those indicator thingy....

ANOTHER EDIT : Also , the bumper of Driv3r version is much bigger and boxier than Merc E Class

So , let Ford LTD Country Squire stay his position...

-- Last edit: 2014-02-09 12:57:27

Zmey20009 RU (0)

2014-02-09 17:33

Yep, you're right

Front very similar to Ford LTD Station Wagon 1975

Like this, but with wooden panels

michelemassa IT (2)

2019-11-02 19:30

1962 ford country squire

-- Last edit: 2019-11-02 20:03:50 (Klumb3r)

michelemassa IT (2)

2019-11-02 19:33

1959 ford country squire

-- Last edit: 2019-11-02 20:03:52 (Klumb3r)

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