1985 Chevrolet Camaro

Surname: Magma

Mk: 3

Class: Convertible

Origin: US USA

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Attacker1997

Contributor: Attacker1997


Author Message

ES Auto-Friki

2021-01-03 13:32
The front reminds me a 1998 Aston Martin Vantage.
US Gothzilla

2012-08-22 11:46
Why is it that when ANYTHING has daul round headlights, someone comes along and is like "IT LOOKS LIKE A DODGE CHALLENGER"? They're actually EXTREMELY common.

US strike9

2010-06-24 21:05
Alfa Romeo?

US Black Bart

2009-07-07 15:14
The 1980s Camaro is in this game. Sweet!
CA gmguy

2009-07-07 02:41
i'd say based loosely on the 80's IROC Camaro, not exact, but the rims give it away

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