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unknown in NASCAR Heat 3, Racing, 2018

Class: Cars, Racecar

Playable Vehicle Playable vehicle


Picture provided by : TheGreaser

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2019-07-09 15:10

I don't think this car was made in 2018, I've seen them irl and their supposed to be old oval cars.

-- Last edit: 2019-07-09 15:11:58

konkordski UK (77)

2019-07-17 03:38

isn't this a late model race car?

NR2003 HK (0)

2019-08-07 15:52

its clearly made for game

konkordski UK (77)

2019-08-08 03:15

NR2003 wrote iTs cLeArLy mAde fOr gAmE


all i know is they're called late model race cars. i don't know how to list it here because i'm not familiar the chassis manufacturer. should it be "race car late model"?

-- Last edit: 2019-08-08 03:20:32

damianea103 PL (492)

2019-08-08 03:25

damianea103 PL (492)

2019-08-08 03:25

Maybe list it like this?

konkordski UK (77)

2019-08-08 10:12

damianea103 wrote Maybe list it like this?

mmmm not yet... i'm pretty hesitant because;
1) i don't have the game, so i don't know what it's called in-game
2) dirt racer late models seem to come in different classes (as shown in iRacing)

Klumb3r CL (852)

2019-08-14 03:25

#04 Evan Brown - Xtreme Dirt Tour

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