1961 Saviem Chausson SC-5

Catégorie: Simple étage

Origine: FR France

Véhicule jouable



Contributeur: kegare

Contributeur: SolanaBogon


Auteur Message
FR 108092

2010-10-17 17:27
This bus is rotted!
US Geoman

2009-11-20 21:01
subzero a écrit

isn't you Geoman?

no,that's not me,;s my friend,i told him about this site and he wanted to be a member,so i made him an account,but i dont use his. i like my account.

FR takumi

2009-11-19 17:14
not exatical the same, but the base for this is very ressemble

FR takumi

2009-11-19 17:14
saviem Chausson SC-5 in Nice this bus use for long time rblyon.tripod.com/net3.jpg

FR takumi

2009-11-19 01:20
From south france, its typical Saviem

FR takumi

2009-11-18 22:55
I don't think its the same files.veteranbus.webnode.sk/200000015-e41dee611e/800px-Bus_706RTO_Brno.jpg

US Black Bart

2009-10-25 22:09
That is Geoman.


MY subzero

2009-10-24 18:28
johnny ford a écrit
i'ts a cool bus

isn't you Geoman?

FR takumi

2009-05-07 19:40
Typical old bus from south france

ES J-2

2009-05-06 23:12
The missing bus from Nice.

It´s the same bus as the one from Istambul, but there´s a argue about if this is a GMC or a Saviem, so i don´t know what name put in...

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