1991 Nissan Pulsar

Surname: Flash

Extra info: GTI-R

Chassis: N14

Mk: 4

Class: Hatchback

Origin: JP Japan

Playable vehicle



Contributor: G-MANN

Contributor: SolanaBogon


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2013-01-04 11:26
Used to think it was a Civic, but after seeing this, definitely a Pulsar. It even has the right lights.

PL sajmon14

2012-09-11 20:01
GTI-RA? Should be GTI-R
EU sexmo racing

2012-09-11 19:55
el flash creo que es este: www.velocidadmaxima.com/forum/showthread.php?t=186421
RU Maltravers

2012-06-17 16:28
'1991 Nissan Pulsar GTI-RA [N14].
FI ACE the ultimatum

2011-10-10 06:49
Subaru LEGACY Touring Wagon GT-B '96?
US Ritsu Tainaka

2011-09-09 16:49
I Agree, it is a Nissan Pulsar GTI-R.
NL Gijs571

2011-01-27 19:01
The front of a Mazda 323 and the rear of a Nissan Sunny

PL sajmon14

2010-11-11 20:40
I agree for Nissan, but I think for USA it's Nissan Pulsar GTi-R

US strike9

2010-06-01 19:04
Looks nissan in design, although to short for a stagea, so i will say its a pulsar

flash-pulse similiar in meaning

btw the nissan sunny is the same as the pulsar

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2010-06-01 19:06:20
PT Ford78

2010-01-17 15:31
Concordo, um Nissan Sunny
TR BugraVarol

2009-09-09 13:35
It's absolutely 1991 Nissan Sunny GTi-R, note the hood scoops, box styled rear deck, bumpers and headlights!

FI BeanBandit

2009-07-08 12:09
I always thought this as Accord Aerodeck.
IE Road Wars Fanatic

2009-07-08 12:04
I think the civic too, But more this shape civic:
if you look at the back view of the flash you will see that the number plate is on the bootlid like the EG shape civic
the other civic:

DE Schaefft

2009-06-14 17:21
Always thought its a Civic, its the typical well known ricer car, just like the Jester (Supra), the Elegy (Skyline), Sultan (Impreza), Uranus (Talon or Eclipse). It would fit there, not sure about the Nissan Pulsar, it looks more or less the same but the chance that rockstar has chosen this one instead of the Civic is pretty small. And its no Polo, it wouldnt fit into the game at all.

CA SizSkiizd

2008-06-28 17:06
There's one parked beneath the Mulholland Intersection in Los Santos (the place where Sweet is arrested)
ES lastinpurple

2007-04-29 22:19
I think is a VW, Polo sounds right. Compare the Club's back, a VW Golf, and the Flash's one. Same lights, same body shape. And it resembles to me because "Polo" and "Flash" are ice-cream names on Spanish

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2007-04-29 22:26:02

FR Rinspeed

2006-11-01 13:11
moi j'aurais dit nissan pulsar gtir www.n12turbo.com/dave/dads_gtir/gtir_for_sale.html
CA badlymad

2006-10-11 01:48
most GTA car names are a play on words, so i'm just guessing. Anyhow, i still believe it looks like the hatchback version, as shown in this pic:


Front end is completely different, but the body is quite similar
BE antp

2006-10-11 00:21
"Geo Storm" in USA, but for me it does not look very similar...
CA badlymad

2006-10-10 00:47
1990-92 Isuzu Impulse Hatchback

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