1971 De Tomaso Pantera GT5

Surname: Lampadati Viseris

Class: Coupé

Origin: IT Italy

Playable and downloadable vehicle
: The Doomsday Heist Update



Contributor: speedfreak975

Contributor: speedfreak975

Contributor: speedfreak975


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US generalrusty78

2018-04-12 01:20
There were a lot of things to like about Lampadati's Viseris: the smooth handling, the chiseled good looks, the salt-of-the-earth engineering. More than anything else, you had to love the unmistakable roar of its barbaric V8. But if you thought that sweet, sweet song couldn't be improved, you were wrong: offset by the rattle of twin forward-facing machine guns, it takes on a whole new depth of character.
Please note: Weapon modifications can only be applied at a Vehicle Workshop inside an Avenger or Mobile Operations Center.

IT Automotive Gaming

2018-01-29 12:30
maserati britbong +1
UK NokoTau

2018-01-11 02:46
Actually the more I look at it the more I see a Bora with a Merak rear end. I asked folks how fast it went and someone said 185 and that was it . . . I can't think of it as anything other than a Maserati Bora/ Merak thanks to Joe Walsh

"My Maserati does one-eighty-five
I lost my license, now I don't drive"
UK NokoTau

2018-01-10 10:27
De Tomaso Pantera rear with a Maserati Bora nose?

SI Andra

2017-12-29 19:18
I really can't wait until he updates the mod to include the Sentinel Classic and 190z. The 190z is just begging to be turned into the Devil Z from Wangan Midnight, just look at it. :D

VE mcthieve

2017-12-29 18:04
Andra wrote
That's what I'm saying, it's made for the MrBossFTWs of the world. :lol:

I totally fell you bro this game for me its nothing without that mod, those who just play this game for online or who play singleplayer without this kind of mods don't know what they are missing, and as soon as i get this update i will get (if avaliable) the updated version of that mod but my only problem is that the blank version of the Gang Burrito is still vanilla, Killatomate didn't mod it and i had to just copy-paste the handling of the Lost MC on the blank one (the same happens with the rusty Surfer).

SI Andra

2017-12-23 18:42
That's what I'm saying, it's made for the MrBossFTWs of the world. :lol:

BE Speedevil

2017-12-21 15:33
GTA V's handling is supposed to be similar to Midnight Club, so it's easy to pick up and fun to play without thinking too much about it.

SI Andra

2017-12-21 14:36

I overall prefer the handling in IV. Even though the suspension is spongey, it looks much more natural and lets you feel the weight better, as you say. Also, certain cars had ABS while others didn't, which also made you pay more attention when braking. V on the other hand has been tuned to be more forgiving and easier. All the cars have ABS, even the Z Type, which originates from what, the 1930s? This may make the game more enjoyable to the MrBossFTWs of the world, but to me, it really doesn't.

My advice is, if you're on PC and love cars and driving, by all means get that Realistic Driving V mod by Killatomate along with IKT's manual transmission. There's also one for IV, though unfortunately, since Patch 8 there's no way to use MemBiter's manual transmission. You could downgrade to Patch 7, but then you have to do all kinds of hacking about just to be able to change your graphics settings and resolution, which is why I never felt like doing it.

Still, It really changes the whole driving experience, it may even be on-par with games like Forza and Gran Turismo. :p

-- Last edit:
2017-12-21 14:42:17

SI Andra

2017-12-20 23:39
Not that I really remember as I haven't played with the vanilla handling since buying GTA V on PC. Realistic Driving V is love, Realistic Driving V is life. :p

-- Last edit:
2017-12-21 10:55:15

AU Silnev

2017-12-20 22:32
Andra gta iv was the same where every car handled like it was a Lincoln mkV. It was ridiculou. Although to be fair what you said is not entirely true as some cars can't do what you describe those are mainly just the sports and supers (which is to be expected) and let's not get started on the problem of the Faction being unable to clear curbs.

SI Andra

2017-12-20 22:12
All cars in GTA V handle the same. You can blast down any tight or twisty road doing 110. Km/h or mph, whichever you prefer, there's so much grip that you can take a corner doing either speeds. And let's not forget the braking - Should you even need to slow down for a corner, you can just release the throttle as the brakes are so overpowered that they become reduntant for anything but emergency stops.
UG beckhanra

2017-12-20 22:10
vocal95, can it be the same story as with Comet Safari, when it has no weapons by default, but you can add them in that trailer of yours?

PL vocal95

2017-12-20 19:56
I had the opportunity to drive one in Online mode (as some cheater spawned it in my session) and unfortunately - it is weaponized, so there is no option you can use this car in races. And these are not even some good weapons, just the same crappy peashoter guns as in Ardent.
It's such a shame, because these are beautiful cars, and (as Doomsday Heist was originaly supposed to be the single-player DLC they cannibalized for GTA:O) they are probably leftovers from the era when Rockstar was headed by Leslie Benzies, had good reputation, and wasn't a greedy cash grabbing corporation like EA or Ubisoft.
I find it amazing how Cockstar in just few years traded all of their credibility for some Shark Cards money. And don't have any hope for Red Dead Redemption 2 - it will be even worse, because, unlike GTA 5, it will have all this shit from the day one, that's 100% sure.

LB speedfreak975

2017-12-20 19:29
yes, this is stock version

RB Mark0

2017-12-20 19:22
Is this stock version? With this full-wide body kit it's based on Pantera GT5.

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