2017 Porsche 911 GT2 RS

Surname: Pfister Comet SR

Chassis: 991.2

Class: Coupé

Origin: DE Germany

Playable and downloadable vehicle
: The Doomsday Heist Update



Contributor: speedfreak975

Contributor: speedfreak975

Contributor: speedfreak975


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US Z3ph7r

2020-09-08 01:11
If you want the truth. I believe that the car looks a lot more like the 2010 GT2RS rather than the 2017.

US generalrusty78

2018-04-12 19:52
Forget everything you think you know about the Pfister Comet. Forget cruising through Vinewood with a bellyful of whiskey dropping one-liners about the size of your bonus. Forget picking up sex workers and passing them off as your fiancé at family gatherings. The SR was made for only one thing: to make every other sports car look like it's the asthmatic kid in gym. Now get in line.

LB speedfreak975

2017-12-19 23:42
2018 GT2 RS might be a good fit the abundance of carbon parts just screams new GT2 RS as the older didn't cover bumpers and skirts. plus headlights also mimic the new style of porsche

AU Silnev

2017-12-19 23:28
The thing we need to remember is that online as of this update is set in 2017 so a 2018 model year inspired car isn't too far fetched anymore. At least it isn't as egregious as when they were adding 2015 + cars to a game that was meant to be still (at the time) canonically take place some point before 2013.

LB speedfreak975

2017-12-19 23:14
might be true, there is reason as a gt2 rs due to the fact a lot of black parts stylized like gt2 rs (tune parts) but not sure we should place it as 2018 as it shares quite with original HD gta universe comet from gta 4 and 5
however the how the black parts are stylized on rear bumper and front are mimicking 2018 GT2 RS so that might be gd fit

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2017-12-19 23:16:03

AU Silnev

2017-12-19 23:09
Not quite speedfreak I mean it comes with a roll cage installed and the Legendary Motosport image depicts it with a rear spoiler. I'm pretty sure if the gta v comet is a GT2 this is meant to be a GT3 RS heck SR is just RS reversed.


LB speedfreak975

2017-12-19 22:44
Still it cant be that as yes it carries ques of 2018 GT2 RS even u can make it. Its still a normal gta4 comet with a minor facelift
US AutoTracker

2017-12-19 22:10
Something tells me with that wheel design and those plastic bits around the car that this is supposed to be based off a 2018 911 GT2 RS...

The rollcage inside does too

LB speedfreak975

2017-12-19 20:42
I think SR in its name represents sports retro or something, the headlights turned on give me 911 sport classic

BR Attacker1997

2017-12-19 19:57
I think this car more like the 911 Carrera GTS

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