1996 Chevrolet Express

Surname: Laundromat

Class: Van / MPV

Origin: US USA

Playable and unlockable vehicle



Contributor: Star Wars Fanatic


Author Message
PL Tycek

2012-06-11 20:20
I was wondering the same thing...
US Geoman

2012-06-02 03:36
Why is this listed a an Express, the look-alike to this is listed as a Ram Van...

2009-06-18 03:08
It does appear randomly too, just not often
US Geoman

2009-06-17 18:31
Yes Unless You Shoot The Driver, But I Don't Think It's Playable

-- Last edit:
2009-06-17 18:31:55

US Black Bart

2009-03-03 19:06
Star Wars Fanatic wrote

Available only in the mission "Hung Out to Dry."

Really, in that mission, you just have to chase it & ram it off the road. But when you ram it off the road, a scene comes up, & then the driver of the van drives away. So it's not really available.

-- Last edit:
2009-03-03 19:09:27

2008-09-09 23:57
If you look at the tailights, you'll see they're the same as the Burrito
Star Wars Fanatic

2008-09-09 21:44
No, I think it is a Pony.

2008-09-08 15:42
Made by Declasse, basically just a Burrito with a new name and an exclusive logo
Star Wars Fanatic

2008-09-07 23:23

Available only in the mission "Hung Out to Dry."

-- Last edit:
2008-09-07 23:23:46

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