1960 Chevrolet Impala

Surname: Voodoo

Mk: 2

Class: Sedan

Origin: US USA

Playable vehicle



Contributor: twingo

Contributor: twingo


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UK Anthony Constantinou

2020-04-13 11:58
Till 2016, Chevy Impala reached up to 4 levels: LS, LT1,LT2 and LTZ2, along with 5 new colors, equipped with 800 cold cranking amp battery and 3.6L 6 cylinder engine , with an estimated EPA of 18 city and 29 hwy, blind spot monitor, side mounted airbags as well as lane change alerts were added.

CZ Aginnon

2016-10-06 15:59
The back resembles a 1958 Plymouth Belvedere.

RB Mark0

2011-02-04 21:49
Better picture img12.imageshack.us/i/zzchevroletimpala.jpg/
US bigblockbuicks1

2010-04-22 23:18
64 impala front clip
but the rear is all 59
CA 440 mopar

2008-10-08 01:59
The problem with trying to ID cars in many video games is that many times they are just too generic. Or sometimes a mix of 2 or more cars, then what do you call it? What the front looks like or the back? The thing is if your knowledgeable enough about cars, you'll probably come up with something that fits the design more or less, but it's unlikely that it's what the game designers had in mind when they did the artwork in my opinion.

For example, Skid's pic above of the Rambler's grill does indeed look more like the voodoo's because of the indents in the upper and lower parts of the grill, but being a low rider type car, it's much more likely it's an altered or made up version of the '64 Chevy grill. The roofline is similar as well, though I posted a 'vert.

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2008-10-08 02:00:10
CA 440 mopar

2008-09-30 01:53
It is a mix of a couple of different cars. The back end I would say is more like a '60 Chevy than a '59, though they have similar batwing fins, the 60's round taillights look more like the Voodoo's. The front end and roof are more like a '64 Chevy Impala/Bel-Air. The car looks weird because it's much wider than it should be, and the bumpers are too big.

US Skid

2008-08-10 20:56
Practically nothing on this car resembles a 1959 Chevrolet. 1960 Chevrolet (which the previous GTA Voodoos were) is a bit closer, but even that is stretching it.

Although it's not an exact match (the sides and rearend are totally different), the grille and roofline really remind me of a 1964 Rambler Classic or Ambassador:


2008-08-03 19:34
Looks more like an Impala
IT Neon

2008-07-27 01:12
1959 Chevrolet Bel Air

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