2009 Roadster Shop C1-RS

Surname: Invetero Coquette BlackFin

Class: Convertible

Origin: US USA

Playable and downloadable vehicle
: I'll-Gotten Gains: Part 2



Contributor: Silnev

Contributor: Silnev

Contributor: speedfreak975


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AU Silnev

2020-01-11 17:52
It also has the roll bars that the custom car has.

LB speedfreak975

2020-01-11 15:17
Judging by rims, attacker is probably right. Alot of GTA cars are based of custom cars

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2020-01-11 18:34:02
CN ALMF-3512

2020-01-11 12:24
61-62 late model C1 Vette(Not necessarily a custom C1)

BR Attacker1997

2020-01-11 02:13
Apparently this Coquette was inspired by the 1962 Corvette C1-RS. A custom Corvette with a 7.0 V8 made by Roadster Shop

US generalrusty78

2018-04-12 01:08
Ah, America in the 1950s. It's easy to spot the moment when Freudian psychosexual theory met car design and what a glorious pairing it was. This Coquette couldn't be more phallic if it was dragging a pair of hairy beach balls. It even smells like cigar smoke, conservative values, and semen. Get out your check book because this golden age of repression won't resurrect itself.

US generalrusty78

2018-01-30 21:46
I can see what you're talking about but the name is based off of Corvette and this is based off the 1956-57 Corvette Related image
UK NokoTau

2018-01-30 21:22

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